AYOR studios : Soccer player and his friend Kevin



Kevin jerks off in his roommate’s soccer uniform, and then the two of them have sex.

Kevin Atwah: My friend Ryan and I have lived together in the same apartment for some time already. We each have our own room, but we often cook together, watch movies together in the evening and have conversations. Ryan is a soccer player, and I am currently jobless. So I often go to see him when he’s training and to cheer for his team during games. I must say one thing. His soccer uniform has always turned me on.

One day, when Ryan was not home, I went into his room, and his soccer uniform was lying on the bed! I took my clothes off and put his uniform on. My dick immediately got hard, and so I jerked off in his uniform on his bed.

But the entire story has a continuation. Not even two days had passed, and I came home unexpectedly and went into Ryan’s room again. He was lying in his bed, was dressed in his soccer uniform, and guess what he was doing. Yes, of course! He was jerking off. I apologized for barging in, and I wanted to leave immediately. But he told me to come in. I said to myself, wow, this looks like a great chance finally to enjoy sex with Ryan! And really, Ryan was so turned on by his jerking off, that he wanted his dick sucked, and so we sucked and stroked each other in his bed, and then I finally saw my friend Ryan shoot his cum. This is a scene that you must see!        www.ayorstudios.com