AYOR studios : Jan Cores&Kile Wilkonson



Worker Jan Cores met Kile Wilkonson, a tourist from Wales, at an old closed railway station and then fucked him in his suite.

Kile has been to Prague several times. He has a few friends here and always stays in a suite near the city center. When looking out the window, Kile sees a large, old and now closed railway station. Already during his last visit, he was interested in viewing the interesting site, and so today he will do so.

Jan Cores: Not long ago, I briefly worked at this railway station. It’s an old freight station, which is already closed, and its demolition is planned.

I saw a boy. One you wouldn’t meet here every day. I said to myself, My God, what is that boy looking for here in this bizarre place? And I went towards him. As soon as I looked at him, it was obvious to me that he was gay. I began talking to him, and a plan began being hatched in my underwear. I wanted to fuck him.

How did it turn out? I walked through the abandoned railway platforms and empty train station buildings, and then I escorted him out of the railway station, and he invited me to his apartment. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Come and watch!