AYOR studios : Kevin, Thierry and Jason enjoy a true winter in the mountains


Kevin Kraus, Thierry Aulin and Jason Knightley enjoy a true winter in the mountains. There is snow all around them. These guys have discovered a beautiful and abandoned observation deck, where all three have kissed and even wanted to try a threesome. But it’s winter. They also wanted to build a snowman, but they did not succeed. In fact, they prefer warm weather, sunshine, the sea, swimsuits and naked bodies. And since it is cold and there is snow all around them, they very quickly return to their wearmed suite. In the comfort of their large bed, the three of them relax naked, and their dicks get harder and harder. You will see all of this in this scene. All three guys suck each other, and Kevin is even so horny that after a while while kissing Thierry, his dick shoots its cum, even wtihout Kevin or anyone else having touched it. Then Jason fucks Thierry, and the guys take turns in various fucking positions. There are even a lot of cumshots in this scene. 6 cumshots! Enjoy the scene. www.ayorstudios.com