AYOR studios : “11 p.m.”


Patrik Jensen doesn’t like to go shopping very much. He prefers to play sports and hang out with his friends, most of whom are very cute guys! Since he lives alone and sometimes has to buy things, he goes out at night to shop. There aren’t very many people in the supermarkets. A cute twink Sebastian, a German student got into a conversation with him at night in the parking lot in front of the supermarket. Patrik already knew that the situation could turn out to be very interesting! Ali Montero : When you leave the restaurant at 11 o’clock at night with friends who are going home, and you don’t want to go home yet… or even if you do want to go home, but you don’t have anyone to go home with, there’s nothing left to do but to think of someone to call quickly. Ondrej, who I called, is one of the boys who I can call even at night, and I always know that we will definitely have great sex. Dominik Günther meets his friend Nick in front the house, in the night. Nick is a great cock sucker and Dominik knows that.. In this exellent AYOR studios scene, both guys enjoy masturbate each other and love to suck their young cocks. In the final part Nick licks Dominiks hole and Dominik cums on his own face. Ennio and his German friend Zaho-Sebastian are returning home from a bar at 11 p.m. Ennio is still in the mood to continue having fun in night clubs. But Zaho-Sebastian is craving sex. Ennio never talks about sex with another guy, and those around him perceive him as a heterosexual, who only fucks girls. However, Zeho-Sebastian knows that it’s a little different with him. He regularly visits Ennio in Prague, and he knows that whenever they spend the evening together in a bar, he always has great sex with Ennio afterwards.Zaho-Sebastian likes to suck dicks, and he enjoys offering his ass to any horny guy. Ennio is satisfied. It turns him on when a young gay boy sucks his dick, and he also likes to fuck men in the ass. That’s his secret. David Gold could play cards with his handsome roommate all night. But Val Horner is not doing well in the game and is already looking forward to bed. Val cannot be convinced, and so David ends up in the room alone with just the playing cards and a major desire for sex. Meanwhile, Val Horner begins playing with his hard dick under the covers. David tries to think of a way to get into Val’s bed in the next room. And soon he will come up with an idea!   And Oliver Young and Bob Nesta…night fucking in hotel room…

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